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Two Faces of the Danube River

Budapest has the most charming city landscape of Europe. Whether it is a sunny, gloomy or snowy moment, you will be amazed by the spectacular panorama spread all along the Danube river, the second longest river of Europe that flows from the Schwarzwald in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania, connecting 10 countries. If you wish to have the best view points during any time of the day in Budapest, visit the peak of the Gellért Hill, walk through the Liberty bridge or simply find your secret spot by strolling along the river in the downtown of the city. 


Parliament of Hungary

The iconic building of the country, the jewellry box of the Hungarians, the masterpiece of the eclectic architecture, the beauty that takes your breath away. During the daylight or the nightlight, it is always a delightful experience to visit the Parliament of Hungary both from inside and outside. “Is it for sale? How many bedrooms?”, Freddie Mercury wanted to buy it while visiting Hungary in 1986. Here is the answer: it has 691 rooms, half a million precious stones decorates the interior, all hand carved pieces of furniture, stained-glass windows – that were hidden in the cellars during the II.W.W. bombings to save them – and so many more of breathtaking details are in the house and last but not least it is not for sale! It is the home and protector of the 1000 years old Holly Crown of the Hungarians and actually you can have the chance to admire the Crown while visiting the house from inside.

The Two Faces of the Danube River and the Parliament of Hungary can be discovered together with your personal tour guide during the 4h long Private Budapest Sightseeing Tour by car combined with several walking parts.

Grand Market Hall

Food shows the culture of the people, food is the focus of the human connections. Do you agree? Hungarians do. We are so lucky to have the best and richest agricultural fields in the region with tonnes of delicious and quality continental fruits, vegetable, meat and milk products. Don´t miss to get a bite of Hungary. “Lángos” deep fried bread is the street food of the Soviet era, the topping is: sour cream and cheese with some garlic if you wish to stay nostalgic. Get down to the basement of the market to taste the various pickles that are so traditional in Hungary: cauliflower, cucumber, onion, garlic, cabbage, red beet, baby corn, we pickle and we love them all! Paprika? Yes, you will find tonnes of farmer´s paprika here but which one to buy? No worries, we use a lot of paprika in amounts but only 2 different types: sweet and chili and sweet is the winner in Hungary.

Only 30 minute away from Budapest there is famous wine region, Etyek – Buda. This way you can also discover the countryside of Hungary during the Etyek Private Tour and enjoy a great selection of wines served with some of the local cheese, but also with ham or chocolate.

Stroll in the Buda Castle District

Get lost in the history, find your fairy tail, have a tasteful cake and coffee, visit the hidden galleries and museums in the 800 years old Royal city of Hungary and make your fabulous pictures of the day at the Fisherman’s bastion! Plan at least half a day for this gorgeous old town that is situated on a hill above the river. You could get up by the Buda Funicular, one of the oldest ones in the world. If you love the classical arts, the National Gallery of Hungary is the place for you – it is situated in the Royal Palace building. And better to know, you will never find “a real” Royal Palace in Buda, why? Visit the mysterious Hospital in the Rock Museum under the hill and you´ll get the answer. Be brave and get into the charming little streets, they can be full of surprises and make your visit memorable.


Historical thermal bathhouses 

Be spoiled, this is your holiday. Soak your body in one of the historical thermal bathhouses of Budapest, visit the sauna, get a massage, relax after your long sightseeing day and meanwhile learn about the curative mineral waters of Hungary. There are almost 2000 mineral water springs in Hungary, in every village there is at least one small pool where we can go to relax, this is the part of our casual culture, it is a way of socializing, a way of keeping our body and soul in good condition. In Budapest there are several historical baths that you could visit to experience the sulfur thermal waters and the top 3 recommended are: the Gellért bathhouse, the Rudas bathhouse and the Szechenyi bathhouse. This could be an easy 3-hour program by the end of the day or if you would like to have the best silent moments and get energized for your day, give it a try during the early morning hours.

georgios-kaleadis Lisbon
Reichstags building



For your memorable visit to Budapest and Hungary our local expert Anna and her team from Anna’ Sights are ready to very warm welcome you with a wide variety of private tours.


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