Christmas In Austria: “Behave, or Christkind will bring nothing!”


So it’s time to prepare for the best time of the year! It’s the only time of the year, where parents really can enjoy their lives. What’s the most typical phrase before Christmas in Austria: “Brav sein, sonst bringt das Christkind nix!” The meaning of that? “Behave, or Christkind will bring nothing!” Oooooh Using those words makes your child an angel :)! Whatever mum and dad demand, a second later it’s done! What’s so special about that? And who is responsible for that very special behavior: Its Christkind – the magic word and the magic angel. 

Every year on December 24th we celebrate our “main-christmas-event!” We decorate our Christmas trees in a hidden way. Our kids don’t see what mum is doing, because daddy takes them out of the house for a Christmas afternoon walk. Many daddies do so and many daddys end up meeting other daddys at our famous Christmas markets where we start our first Glühwein session (also see the Christmas markets in Germany). Many will follow because “she” needs time to prepare the house and decorate the tree. Kids are playing around and around 5PM we return well drunken to our homes. Mostly just because “she” has called already a couple of times.


The presents of Christkind

So once back home, the kids can’t believe it, the tree is shining and glittering and there are a lot of presents all around. What a beautiful moment. Daddy, still drunken, starts the ceremony if he can and mum is the ceremony master. So we sing together, we listen to Christmas stories and the kids just have eyes for their gifts!

But who has brought all the presents? Right – it was this magic Christkind! In our fantasy and dreams there is this Jesus-child. He, but looks like she, flies from house to house and leaves a lot of useful christmas-presents for kids and adults underneath the Christmas tree. Sure, only where kids behave will be a lot of gifts and wherever children don’t behave, will be an empty space. Kids are clever, so they exactly know who to behave before Christmas 🙂

Christkind on the Christmas market

Sinterklaas sweets

So after opening most of the toys, the doorbell rings and mother in law followed by daddy law come for supper. For sure we eat the best we can get and there is not really something like a very special Christmas dish, but definitely it will be an amazing dish served with a lot of local vine and schnaps (lol).

Now daddy gets drunk again and still this is not the worst of that evening. What’s next? Christbaum schauen! That curious Austrian local tradition includes a walk from house to house in our neighbourhood. So we (schauen) are looking look at our best friends’ Christmas trees.

Every home has, beside a wonderful tree, a well prepared homemade schnaps. So this is our final highlight and guarantees a super strong headache for the next morning. But be sure, we continue eating and drinking lots on the next few days as well. So Christmas time is a real challenge for the Austrian community, but be sure we are well trained and are always looking after Christmas for the next events to celebrate. 


Christmas in Poland, gifts, gifts and more gifts

December in Poland. First snow or second. Early dark or earlier. Lights and warmer atmosphere at homes. Children are happy because they receive gifts twice.

Where is Saint Nicholas from? He is born in nowadays Turkey!

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara at the end of the 3rd century and became the bishop of the Christian church of Myra, in Lycia Turkey, in the 4th century.

Lots of yummy food in the Portuguese Christmas table!

Feliz Natal, Merry Christmas! The Holiday season in Portugal is celebrated as a time for family, of giving and sharing.

Clean your boots, Santa is coming to Germany!

End of November rolls in, the days get colder, significantly colder and darker – sunset is around 4pm so the nights feel very long. But we love this time of year, no matter how dark, because it is time for German Christmas traditions!

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