How it all Started in Rome, Italy


Can you imagine a world without art? Without communication? Without passion? We don’t, would be too boring.

Have you ever thought the kind of loss the world would have had if they had not allowed Michelangelo to sculpt his Carrara marble? No David, no Pietà.

Have you ever thought of the immense damage, if Rembrandt was not allowed to use a brush or pencil? There would be no Night Watch nor Storm on the Sea of Galilee!

What if they didn’t allow Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes to use paper or parchment? What would have happened to Romeo and Juliet? Could you imagine a world without Don Quijote fighting windmills? We don’t!

A tour guide usually feels like these enchanted artists, with the core difference that we show to the world as already is, with its invaluableness and precious treasures.

Same as an artist, tour guides from all over the world without our work and passion for it, we would implode. Michelangelo might have been locked up in an asylum without the possibility of expressing his pain through marble and, perhaps, Rembrandt would have remained just one forgotten son of Holland!

Tour guides express their personality through the eyes of the customers; through the light reflected on the monuments, through the unspoiled paths, secret stories and the absolute need to communicate and share their love for their home. Getting poetic here!

Rome wasn’t built in one day. But it was started some day

Luca Orlandi, our guide in Italy, felt this emptiness, sort of finished and lost! And like him many guides all over the world. Since the end of February, everything we love most from our job has no longer been possible.

There were two exit ways either implode or take action! There was not much to do to remedy this “forced stop” so the key was: don’t stop and at least try to make the most of the present situation. Thinking and rethinking the solution presented itself: what do tour guides live on? Their guests! How do guests find the best travel tips and tour guides for their trip? Recommendations. What is the strongest or safest recommendation? Word of Mouth!

It was with this principle that PGE (Private Guides of Europe) was born. After an initial and carefully made research Luca put together a large group of tour guides. Once the group started to be formed it was already a wonderful adventure.

Networking as a way to grow, be stronger and be ready!

At PGE we have become partners in this so very difficult time of 2020 and being part of PGE has made us all feel less alone, stronger at the same time that we have created connections that go beyond professional networking! 

The quality of the guides of PGE is a crucial factor, each one chosen to represent their countries, absolutely the best in circulation thanks to their characteristics, professionalism and corporate structure. All perform private tours, walking tours, driving tours… experts on their country and ambassadors of their culture.

Travelers and travel agents can directly contact the final operator: the tour guide or the local tour operator. We are ready to reopen the world… Are you?


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