Places to visit in Romania – best picks


Some years ago Romania probably still sounded like an off the beaten path destination to visit. And actually it still is nowadays, at least parts of it, which makes it more attractive to the foreign tourists.

Today there might be just a few tourists that still haven’t heard of the Dracula legend and his Castle in Transylvania or about the gigantic House of People in Bucharest, the second largest building in the world.

For the tourists coming to visit Romania it is always a challenge to create an itinerary for their trip, as Romania has so many places that are worth a visit. We consider that a reasonable period of time that one needs to visit Romania at peace and get some real flavors of it, would be at least 5-7 days, but even within 2-3 weeks one will still not be able to see it all. But of course there are tourists coming for 3-4 days and they are happy with that too.

This article is intended to give a hand to all the tourists coming to Romania and suggest them the Best 10 picks to visit in Romania.

Peles Castle in Sinaia – it is probably one of most beautiful castles in Europe, built in the late 19th century by the Royal family that ruled Romania for decades. The Royal family chose a unique mountain area not very far from Bucharest city to build Peles Castle as their summer residence.

Bran Castle or the famous Dracula’s Castle – one may wonder why it is not first on the list, but the tour guides in Romania always prefer the Peles Castle first. And also the tour guides like to know the tourists’ impression after visiting these two castles. Bran Castle’s existence dates back to 1377, but it was Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula in 1897 that made it famous all over the world.

The two castles are included in probably I Travel in Romania most popular private tour, a one day trip from Bucharest to Peles and Bran Castles.

Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara – medieval cities in Transylvania – are among the nicest cities of Romania. Former citadels, they were established over 700-800 years ago by the Saxons and are still welcoming their visitors with an ancient architecture which still exists in the old town for each of them. The citadel of Sighisoara is part of UNESCO World Heritage list, being one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe.

The hidden treasures of Transylvania is a very popular photo album. It presents the Saxon Villages of Transylvania and their fortified churches. Among them, Viscri  village and its UNESCO fortified church (13th century) is the most famous, especially after Prince Charles of Wales – who can be considered one of the greatest ambassadors of Romania abroad – considered to buy himself a traditional Saxon house from 18th century in the village. The other 6 Saxon Villages that have their fortified churches included in UNESCO World Heritage list, are to be found in the photo album, namely Biertan, Calnic, Darjiu, Prejmer, Saschiz and Valea Viilor.

“I Travel in Romania” private tours in Transylvania will offer you a better insight about this famous region of Romania filled with castles and unique landscapes.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania. It is a modern and colorful city which still combines the old and very new in contrast. It used to be called the “Little Paris” for the French influence that one can still find in the well preserved architecture of the buildings from the period between the two World Wars. The Old Town area is the most vibrant part of the city. Every tourist visiting Bucharest will not miss the House of Parliament which is the second largest building in the world.

We invite you to explore the vibrant capital of Romania during the private tour of Bucharest offered by our local partner “I Travel in Romania”.

Maramures region is that unique part of Romania where the traditions are still alive. Visiting Maramures during the Orthodox Easter or Christmas is something very special. It is surely one of those hidden gems of Europe, especially for one looking for authentic experiences. One can also have a special with one of the few Steam Trains for tourists still operating, Mocanita. And on top of all these Maramures has 8 of its hundreds of Wooden Churches included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Bucovina region is the holy part of Romania and so peaceful at the same time, with thousands of nuns still praying and living every day in the region’s monasteries. The region has been famous to world-wide tourists due to its Painted Monasteries, 8 of them included in UNESCO, built in starting with the 14th century. But Bucovina itself is also worth a visit for its spectacular views of the hills, forests and mountains.

The Enchanting Private tour of Bucovina and Maramures is the best option to get the flavors of these special regions in one tour, offering you the possibility to be welcomed into local’s households to really feel what Romania is about.

Danube Delta is one of the few Biosphere Reserves included in UNESCO World Heritage list. It is simply a natural labyrinth of land and water, filled with an amazing variety of flora and fauna consisting of at least 23 natural ecosystems and over 324 species of birds.  The birdlife is here starting with the warmer weather in spring and until late autumn, some of the birds coming from far-away continents like Asia or Africa.

The Transfagarasan road is considered “best road in the World” by the famous Jeremy Clarkson, the former co-presenter of the TV Top Gear show in the UK.  It was initially built in 1970’s during the communist era for military reasons in the event of a Soviet Union invasion according to historians.  It runs through some of the highest peaks in the country, at 2034 meters high, with breathtaking views.

Sarmizegetusa Regia and Corvin’s Castles are both located near the city of Hunedoara. Sarmizegetusa Regia is of the ancient history’s lovers. It used to be the capital and most important military, religious and political center of the Dacians, the Romanians’ ancestors, in those times when they were fighting with Romans two thousand years ago. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Corvin’s Castle is probably the most impressive castle in Transylvania with its imposing Gothic – Renaissance architecture. The castle served as the residence of important princes and kings starting with the 15th century.

Our local tour guide Mihai and his team from  I Travel in Romania tour operator agency are ready to welcome and explore Romania together with you.


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