Anna´s Budapest – discovering ancestry changes all


We can’t see the cousins this year ’ – my father told me in 1991. when I was just getting excited by the end of the school year to spend another fantastic summer in Rovinj (Croatia)  with my family. I saw my cousins again in 2005. in Vienna.

‘You know, we don´t speak about grandpa´ – my mother told me when we were visiting grandma in Subotica (Serbia) in 1991., as it turned out for the last time, the borders were closed afterwards.

I was twelve when I had already way too many questions to clarify. What is happening to my family? Why are we so strange and why are we in three different countries and why don’t we speak about grandpa – he could enjoy the ´hospitality´ of the Siberian Gulag for some time – what does this mean? 

Discovering ancestry gives unforgettable moments

It took me decades to discover all the fascinating history about my ancestry. 20th century of Central Europe is full of drama, adventures, love and grief. I made them all speak about it, show me pictures, tell me the stories, to cry and to forgive together. 

(Photo by Hajdú Fedő Károly, 1941)

Charmed by the sustainable tourism 

I was fifteen when I read somewhere for the first time about the positive impact of tourism. It is widening your mind, improving understanding, helping local communities to preserve their culture, to develop a better economy and so many more. It became absolutely obvious to me: ´If all the people of the world could travel and learn about the amazing cultural and natural values of our Planet, they would never fight again with each other, there wouldn’t be wars and locked borders again.´ 

This endless naivé and romantic approach has never left me during my path becoming a private tour guide and professional tour service provider. I try to help local businesses to profit out of tourism. My university degree in geography helped me to discover many parts of the Globe. In my job I am welcoming all the people of the world in my country to show them those amazing cultural and natural values.

Off the beaten path makes me excited

My city is Budapest but my home is Hungary. I am more than excited to organize for my guests not only the spectacular Budapest highlights tours – though I always recommend, if someone travels to Hungary for the first time, learn first about the highlights – but I find lot of joy in customizing my tours according to my guests’ wish, to show them the hidden gems, the countryside and the real face of my homeland.

In 2020. the borders got locked again for some time but my faith in the positive impact of tourism hasn’t left me and I am more than happy to be a proud member of Private Guides of Europe, a community of private guides that gives a great support and inspiration to keep my dreams alive and welcome my guests in Hungary whenever those borders will be open again! 


Christopher´s journey through philosophy of travel in Krakow

Even as a boy while travelling on the back seat of my parents little car, I used to watch through the window all the time and in my mind I was explaining the world to the imagined audience.

Joan´s love for history of Malta is impossible to cool off!

My motto is ‘I am doing it because I enjoy it. I will stop doing it when I stop enjoying it’. Every morning I look forward to a great day, with every intention of enjoying the day with my clients.

Emek´s story – how I became the #1 ranked tour operator in Helsinki

I love Helsinki, the beautiful city that I live in. I believe that you cannot be a successful tour guide if you don’t have passion for your locality.


I never felt comfortable with mass tourism products. With my brother Peter, our idea was to create special private tours for individuals, focusing on authentic experiences.

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