Christopher´s journey through philosophy of travel in Krakow


Even as a boy while travelling in the back seat of my parents’ little car, I used to watch through the window all the time and in my mind I was explaining the world to the imagined audience. I think this was the beginning. It echoed inside me when I finished my studies and when I started my doctorate. And it lasts until today. 16th year now. 

Over 15 years of being a professional guide and travel agent and around 25 years of thousands of different travels throughout Poland and almost 60 countries on 4 continents, brought so many impactful moments that seems impossible to think about one or two now. They all create a big part of internal and external life… But for sure, visits of my guests, and quite many of them became friends for years, to our house; or travelling with my family and clients at once; or far-countries visits with or to my clients; and so many little moments in the cities or mountains; meetings with some well known people; looking for the roots of people trying to find their relatives or graves of their beloved ones; common dinners and all the unexpected special moments. All of that is so remarkable.

I am the guide because I like to meet people, listen to the people, and tell my story, sharing my knowledge, experiences, and reflections. Probably, my philosophical approach to the world and life is something that I find the strongest in traveling through here. This is the sense of being a guide, to meet people, to help them, to share, to understand…

My family is first of all my wonderful wife and three children. They are the treasure. Love and friendship between us let this all happen with balance. In afternoons and evenings, or after my multi-days travels, I try to take care of different issues of the house and children. I like it. Last 5 years, to keep the balance, I had to resign from some very far and long travels. That’s good school also and an important moment in life.

I am a doctor of philosophy of travel, with background in tourism sciences, cultures, geography, and history as well, and with different courses in organisation and operation of travel. I would like to continue with my team to deliver the best private tours and be very original in quality and approach to our guests. I have my very special, very friendly and very intelligent clientele, and it always brings great moments and long partnership often. Let it continue and live again. Soon it will be possible I believe.


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I grew up in Chile in the 1980´s. By the time I was old enough to travel on my own, I realized I lived in the last country in the world, in the Finis Terrae.

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This profession allows me to be with people and to live my passion: HISTORY. I love to accompany my guests on an emotional journey of their fantastic travel moments.

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It took me decades to discover all the fascinating history about my ancestry, about the 20th century of Central Europe, full of drama, adventures, love and grief. I made them all speak about it, show me pictures, tell me the stories, to cry and to forgive together.


I never felt comfortable with mass tourism products. With my brother Peter, our idea was to create special private tours for individuals, focusing on authentic experiences.

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