Wake up your feelings with Peter and NEVER FORGET AUSTRIA!


 The most impactful moment of my tour guide path was…

one of the first tours I conducted as a certified guide to the Mauthausen concentration camp. The group was quite small and it soon turned out that one of the participants was a Holocaust survivor. It was a Jewish family, which returned to the place of horror. So I stood as a blond, blue-eyed tour guide in Mauthausen in front of the death staircase and explained the ordeals and atrocities of the Nazis as I became more and more aware of what this man had lived through here.

I couldn’t help myself and began to cry – the group embraced me and together we stood united in grief, trying to build a foundation for a peaceful future beyond the pain. It was an unbelievable, emotional moment I will never forget.

This profession allows me to be with people and to live my passion: HISTORY. I love to accompany my guests on an emotional journey of their fantastic travel moments.

20 years ago I have gained the licence of the Austrian Tour Guide Academy and this was one of the best choices of my life.

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I am more than proud of my family

A wonderful wife and 4 great kids give me an amazing support to run my business successfully. One of my son is working together with daddy in the company. A very charming young boy, with a great future!

All my clients will go home HAPPY. Best service, super luxury vehicles and absolutely TOP GUIDES guarantee for a fascinating tour experience in Vienna and all the other places you would like to visit.  I take full responsibility for my personal five stars guide group my drivers and vehicles!  If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back! 

Pandemic year brought new ideas

During the last year I started to become a coffee trader 🙂 life is a surprise! But I mostly planning to start working IN LIVE again meet all the people of the Planet in Vienna!


Christopher´s journey through philosophy of travel in Krakow

Even as a boy while travelling on the back seat of my parents little car, I used to watch through the window all the time and in my mind I was explaining the world to the imagined audience.

Joan´s love for history of Malta is impossible to cool off!

My motto is ‘I am doing it because I enjoy it. I will stop doing it when I stop enjoying it’. Every morning I look forward to a great day, with every intention of enjoying the day with my clients.

Pamela´s multicultural charm might tickle your fancy

I grew up in Chile in the 1980´s. By the time I was old enough to travel on my own, I realized I lived in the last country in the world, in the Finis Terrae.

Anna´s Budapest – discovering ancestry changes all

It took me decades to discover all the fascinating history about my ancestry, about the 20th century of Central Europe, full of drama, adventures, love and grief. I made them all speak about it, show me pictures, tell me the stories, to cry and to forgive together.

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